“Dineshrie is a very good speaker that inspires her audience.
Her preparation for her speeches is excellent. She is a passionate speaker that keeps her audience interested in the overall story line of her speech.
The presentation was done in a logical order and the content was well constructed. She is a formidable speaker with great potential to compete on an international level. Well done!”
Debbie Tarr
Divisional Manager, Rand Merchant Bank, South Africa
The CIMA Graduation address by Dineshrie Pillay was highly informative and relevant.
It addressed the need for young CIMA graduates to appreciate the idea that it is no longer sufficient to rely solely on one’s academic credentials in building one’s career in today’s fast moving and competitive environment.
CIMA graduates need to understand that the CIMA qualification only lays a solid foundation for one’s career and the real work of gaining practical experience and building one’s career lies in each individuals hands and requires continuous effort and dedication.
The address definitely inspired me and has helped me to plan my career going forward."
Yaron Lang
CIMA Graduate, South Africa
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The world that we are living in is becoming increasingly complex and abundant with choice. A few years ago, studying for, and earning a recognized degree or qualification would almost guarantee you employment. Today, as business continues to automate and outsource its activities, ‘knowledge,’ workers are left standing bare, with very little left to offer.
What is needed is for these ‘knowledge workers,’ to learn how to reinvent themselves into value adding ‘innovative partners,’ so that ultimately, they become indispensible in this age of abundance!


1. The changing role of the workforce.
2. Skills inventory review and self-assessment.
3. Staying employable during tough situations.
4. Self-development and continuous learning.
5. Career progression and a reality check corporate climbing.
6. How to become indispensible and still achieve life balance.


Dineshrie Pillay CA (SA) and ACMA is a Johannesburg based facilitator, trainer and speaker. She is known for her energetic, engaging, and inspiring presentations that weave together personal anecdotes with words of encouragement and wisdom.

Dineshrie is a specialist in business skill training and career development. As a specialist in this field she offers a range of services that include corporate workshops, courses, individual consults and keynote speeches that help individuals to manage their careers so that they can become more employable.

Her You Tube channel contain insightful interviews with industry experts; client video testimonials.
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